Pablo Gaito

Photo taken in Tiburon Art Gallery

Pablo has a passion for inspiring and developing others to create systemic change and transformation, in both their business and personal lives. A native of Argentina, Pablo has been working to integrate the artist and the business person he has become. Pablo holds both an MBA and a M.A. in Human Development. He works in Human Resources and finds time to paint at his home studio.

His art is a vivid reflection of his character: passionate, intense and spiritual. He uses molding and gels mixed with acrylics, applied with spatula and roll, to achieve complex textures and finishes with brushes. 

Pablo lives in the Bay Area of California surrounded by nature and love, which are the primary source of inspiration for his work. He has exhibited his work at the Minneapolis Loring Park Art Festival in 2013 and the Tiburon Fine Arts Gallery (BayArea, California) in 2015. 

He enjoys hiking with his wife, their five children and the many friends and family who live in the Bay Area or come to visit from all around the world. 

He hopes to inspire others to integrate the things they love into their lives.

 Pablo's studio

Pablo's studio